Vastedda cu sammucu

It is a cake typical of agro-pastoral tradition of the city of Troina, whose origins date back to the XV-XVI century, and it is filled with fresh Tuma and salami. Is tradition to consume the "vastedda" in the spring to coincide with the celebrations in San Silvestro, patron of Troina and, during the flowering of the elder ("Sambucus nigra"), shrubby plant of caprifoliacee that grows wild or cultivated. The white flowers very fragrant and are used to aromatize and flavor the product. Today, thanks to strong demand this typical focaccia, is processed and marketed throughout the year.

The penultimate Sunday of June is held every year the festival vastedda cu sammucu ".

Ingredients: durum wheat flour, natural yeast or beer, water, salt, lard, milk, eggs, elderflower.

Garnishing: salami, fresh Tuma.